Web-based eDiscovery workflow automation with Nuix Director

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Nuix told us about Nuix Director at ILTA. Now it is ready to be rolled out to users.

Nuix Director provides template-driven, web-based eDiscovery workflow automation. It is built (of course) around the powerful Nuix engine, and allows development of automated workflows, processes and reports for all stages of the discovery process.

The templates mean that processes can be developed and run with minimal risk of human error. The reports allow summaries of the eDiscovery workflow – what you did, in plain English – so that you can show clients, fellow workers and the court or regulator what was done. The whole project can be seen in an interactive dashboard.


I am not going to waste my time or yours with any further description, because Matthew Geaghan of Nuix has produced a short demo on video which walks through the steps involved in a typical eDiscovery exercise. Nuix uses video very well, and the walk-through is self explanatory.


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Nuix Director provides template-driven, web-based eDiscovery workflow automation. It is built (of course) around the powerful Nuix engine, and allows development of automated workflows, processes and reports for all stages of the discovery process.


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